hose ends and adapters

Flanges- Available in SAE Code 61, Code 62 and Fat Cat (Caterpillar-only) styles.  Flanges in an array of bent tube configurations and sizes including jump sizes.

               Sizes: 1/2" thru 1-1/2"

                Pressure: up to 5,000 psi

Flat Face/O-ring Face Seal (ORFS)- Designed with a flat face and O-ring to create the optimal seal for leak-free hydraulic applications.

                  Sizes: 1/4" thru 2"

                  Pressure: up to 9,000 psi

Metric- Fittings are available in DIN, BSP, ISO, French (Gaz), and JIS configurations.

                 -Metric Port Fittings- sizes: 6mm thru 38mm Pressures: up to 9,200 psi

                 - Japanese Cone Seat (JIS 30 degree)- sizes: 1/4" thru 1" Pressures: 3,000 psi average

                  -JIS 30 is similar to the SAE 37 degree flare connection.  The flare angle and    

                    dimensions are different.  The threads are similar to BSPP for Toyota and the

                    threads are similar to metric for Komatsu.

​                  -DIN Metric 24/60 degree Cone Fittings- sizes: 6 mm thru 38 mm Pressures: 3,000 psi average

​SAE 45 degree Flare Fittings- Flared fittings come in shapes and sizes to meet most connection requirements.

               Sizes: 1/4" thru 2"

               Pressure: up to 6,000 psi

SAE Straight Thread- Provide leak-free port connection, the threads hold fitting in place while O-ring creates seal.

          Sizes: 1/4" thru 1-1/4"

         Pressure: up to 6,000 psi

Pipe Fittings- Pipe (NPT and NPSM) fittings depend on a metal to metal seal between the mating threads.  Threads of the fitting mate with the threads of the connecting port or coupling.

       Sizes: 1/16" thru 2"

      Pressure: up to 10,000 psi

37 Degree Flared Fittings

      Sizes: 1/8" thru 2"

​      Pressures: 3,000 psi average


Tube Clamps- sizes 1/4" thru 2" Pressures: up to 6,000 psi

Loom Clips- 2-piece poly clamps with weld plates or rail nuts

Swivel Adapters- sizes 1/8" thru 2" Pressures: 3,000 psi average

Metric Check Valves- sizes: 10mm thru 42mm Pressures: up to 6,000 psi

Metric Tube Clamps- sizes: 6mm thru 42mm Pressures: up to 9,000 psi

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